My Research

June 3, 2010

Research Interests
Customer Equity and Customer Lifetime Value
Marketing Productivity
Marketing Dashboards

Papers in Refereed Journals
“Customer Equity: An integral part of financial reporting” (with Thorsten Wiesel and Bernd Skiera), July 2006, Best Paper Award based on a Doctoral Dissertation, EMAC Conference, Athens, 2006, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 72, March 2008

“The Impact of Marketing-induced versus Word-of-Mouth Customer Acquisition on Customer Equity” (with Shijin Yoo, and Dominique M. Hanssens), February 2008. Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. XLV, No. 1.

“Customer relationship management in competitive environments: The positive implications of a short-term focus” (con Pradeep Bhardwaj, Yuxin Chen, y Sridhar Balabsuramanian), Quantitative Marketing & Economics, 2007

“Customer Equity: Measurement, Management and Research Opportunities” (with Dominique M. Hanssens), Foundations and Trends in Marketing, Vol. 1, No 1, 2007
Books and Chapters
“La TDT: ¿Un negocio imposible?” (with Jose María Irisarri, Eva Campos and Fernando Baz), Madrid, 2008

“La promoción de la prensa diaria”, book chapter in “Libro Blanco de la Prensa Diaria”, AEDE, 2007

“¿Porqué comercia tan poco el comercio electrónico? Internet y los consumidores españoles: Análisis de una realidad” (with José L. Nueno and Jesus Viscarri) . IDELCO. Madrid, 2000

“El mercado de los seniors en España: ¿Oportunidad o burbuja de negocio?” (con José L. Nueno). AECOC, 2005.

“La Naturaleza del gasto. El consumo en España: un análisis a 360º” (con José L. Nueno). AECOC, 2004.

“Los nuevos negocios de la distribución” (with José L. Nueno and Antonio Agustín). AECOC. Barcelona, 1997

“Corporate blogs: Do companies really need them?”, (with Guillermo Armelini), PKU Business Review (in Chinese), Vol.41, 2007/12

“The Impact of Marketing-induced versus Word-of-Mouth Customer Acquisition on Customer Equity” (with Shijin Yoo, and Dominique M. Hanssens). Marketing Science Institute Report No. 06-119, 2006

“Customer Relationship Management: Customer Behavior, Organizational Challenges and Econometric Models” (with Rex Du). Marketing Science Institute Report No. 02-101, 2002

“Factores Inhibidores en la adopción de Internet como canal de compra” (with Francisco Iniesta). Economía Industrial, 2002

“Hacia un Nuevo Marketing Mix” (with Jose L. Nueno and Jesus Viscarri). Harvard-Deusto Márketing & Ventas. Mar/Apr 2001

“El Consumidor del Siglo XXI” (with Jose L. Nueno). Harvard-Deusto Márketing & Ventas. Jul/Ago 1999

Case studies and Notes
Case, “Triumph: Marketing British Steel” (with Francisco Iniesta and Jordan Mitchell), IESE M-1217-E, 2008

Case, “elBulli: The Taste of Innovation” (with Michael Norton and Luc Wathieu), Harvard Business School Case 9-509-015, 2008

Case, “Deodar” (with Victoriano Vila), 2008, M-1209

Case, “Ashby Pharmaceuticals” (with Diego Muñoz-Cobo) , 2008, M-1208-E. Note: Works with a simulation, to be sent upon request.

Case, “Zinio: ‘Byting’ into a paper world” (with José L. Nueno and Jordan Mitchell), 2006, IESE M-1197-E

Case, “Polyphonic’s HMI: Mixing Music and Math” (with Anita Elberse and Jehoshua Eliashberg), Harvard Business School Case 9-506-009, 2006

Case, “Vodafone España y su plan de grandes cuentas” (con Vito Vila e Ignacio Ayala), IESE M-1191, 2006

Case, “Santander Serfín: Revitalizing the payment systems business:” (with José Díez and José L. Nueno), IESE M-1190, 2006

Case, “Philips bets on recordable DVD: Conflicting technologies” (with José L. Nueno), IESE M-1179, 2005

Case, “Continente: the launch of the private label soft drinks” (with José L. Nueno and J. Ferrer). IESE M-1044, 1997

Note, “Distribución” (with Francisco Iniesta and Diego Muñoz-Cobo), IESE MN-368, 2008

Note, “Los blogs corporativos: una opción, no una obligación” (with Cristina Aced and Guillermo Armelini), cuadernos del ebcenter

Note, “Salesforce Size and deployment” (with Diego Muñoz-Cobo), 2007, IESE MN-362

Note, “La respuesta competitiva ante un nuevo entrante” (with Diego Muñoz-Cobo), 2006, IESE MN-361

Note, “Electronic Word of Mouth: What Do We Know About This Powerful Marketing Tool?” (with Guillermo Armellini), IESE-ebCenter, 2006

Note, “La gestión del valor del cliente” (with José L. Nueno), IESE MN-352, 2006

Note, “The anatomy of diffusion” (with Jose L. Nueno and Hernán Sánchez), IESE MN-349, 2005

Note, “A New Marketing Mix in the Internet” (with José L. Nueno and Jesús Viscarri), IESE MN-339, 2002

Note, “The behavior of the Internet buyer” (with José L. Nueno and and Jesús Viscarri), IESE MN-338, 2002

Work in progress
“The right combination of advertising, word of mouth, and publicity for motion pictures” (with Guillermo Armelini and Jorge Gonzalez), March 2009.

“Price discrimination in a lifetime value framework” (with Pradeep Bhardwaj), July 2004. Presented at the Marketing Science Conference, Edmonton, Canada, 2002. (Target Journal: International Journal of Research in Marketing)